Videos have become the best way to establish a personal connection with customers on a website or mobile app. No art form can make us feel another persons joy or suffering, or stir emotion within ourselves, as genuinely as film. In a time in which we have an abundance of information at our fingertips and eyes, we need variety in how we receive information. We need to feel a connection. We need something to fixate on while we process thoughts and feelings.

Unfortunately most companies do not have a huge video production budget or in-house production staff. Still, this is no excuse for yet another stale, stiff, cheesy, insert-another-poor-quality-adjective explainer video.

What about all the talented, passionate freelance filmmakers out there? What about all the unused short-films and videos they have made?

Crowdsway has created an online sharing space that brings company communications managers to the virtual doorstep of top-notch filmmakers from around the globe.

Filmmakers can build their professional reputation through Crowdsway and finally gain financial security doing what they love. Empowerment leads to motivation which leads to higher performance. Higher performance leads to higher inspiration. Businesses are winning, too, by being able to self-service their needs. They can even request modifications to ready-made videos. Companies can also join Crowdsway in our commitment to supporting our local film community.

Hand-picked talent fresh as well as seasoned who tell stories through videos and short-films, will improve trust, fans and influence. Personal brands will blossom. Businesses will increase their social responsibility and stand out from the crowd.

Let us tell old stories in new ways, together. Join the Crowdsway movement = make things happen for other people.



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